Wear Resistance

Dannomond material combined with a relatively rough texture, can create a very long lasting textured hold.
Until now the main dissadvantage of Polyurethane climbing holds in comparrision to polyester, has been wear resistance. Dannomond changes the dynamic.
The key to developing wear resistant materials is to understand what is happening during the wear process - when holds are on the climbing wall and being climbed on. Composite X developed a test machine that creates similar conditions to the climbing wall and is able to give a comparative result within an hour. The test samples are worn down. The samples that loose the least mass during the test are the best materials.
Composite X compared the results of the Dannomond formula with that of many existing hold formulations and the difference in results were quite revealing.

Skin friendly

Dannomond wears down your skin less than virtually all other climbing hold materials. This allows for longer training sessions.


Safety is built in to Dannomond. Unlike the majority of materials used for Climbing holds - Dannomond will not crack and give rise to a sudden safety issue - rather it will bend if put under extreme conditions. Dannomond has extremely high Impact and strength resistance even in badly designed climbing holds. Its superiour properties can to some degree absorb and make safe design errors. Holds made from Dannomond are suitable on almost all surfaces from plywood to concrete.


Dannomond is available in 8 bright colours. Dannomond formula contains a high level of UV stabilizing agent. This gives an excellent Colour stability for indoor climbing walls and reasonable outdoor stability.
*with the exception of the 3 Fluorescent colours (#11,12 and13). These colours should be tested for suitablility.

Material Technical Properties